Michael Pavlovsky
sculptor of fine art
Flamma Libertatis
Flamma Libertatis, created for Fairview Veterans Park in Fairview, Texas.

As a sculptor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I specialize in bronze sculptures, creating works of the human figure as well as portrait busts and full-size portraits. Commissioned sculpture, both realistic and abstract, is my specialty. My career in sculpture has included a variety of works, ranging from the lobby sculpture at the National Civil Rights Museum, to a pair of statues for a veterans memorial, to liturgical works for churches and synagogues.

In addition to creating art for corporate and institutional clients, I have produced a large body of work for consignment to commercial galleries. These works include smaller scale works, or larger totem-like sculptures which make a statement indoors or outdoors. 

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Michael Pavlovsky

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Water of Life

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